Want to know where to get free SMS service, how to send free SMS worldwide to any probider or GSM mobile phone? This directory contains links to where to get free SMS service from computer to cell phone, send free text messages, send free sms and mms worldwide. Send free SMS to several Ukrainian mobile networks.
Welcome to the FreeSMS links directory! We have collected many resources of free SMS freebies and links to free sms gateways. From this page you can send free SMS to several Ukrainian mobile operators. In future, we are going to add more free sms services. If you happen to know reliable "free-sms" site just submit your link for evaluation. Thanks!

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  1. 24SMS.net - Free SMS to any country (0/3225) / 2
    Send FREE messages to any Mobile Phone. No charge for sending. However, receiver may incur charges depending on their carrier and plan. Supported countries: Argentina Movistar * Australia Optus Mobile * Australia One * Belgium Mobistar-Orange Group * Botswana Orange * Brazil Claro Bulgaria Mobiltel * Cameroon Orange * Canada Aliant Bell Canada * Bell Mobility prepaid * Fido * Rogers * SaskTel Mobility * Telus * Virgin Mobile * Chile Bellsouth Movistar * Colombia Movistar * Czech Republic Oskar * Denmark Telia * Dominican Republic Orange * Ecuador Movistar * Egypt Mobinil * El Salvador Movistar Finland Elisa * Kolumbus * France Orange * SFR * Germany E-Plus. For German E-Plus users to receive SMS messages, they must enable this service by text messaging the word "START" to 7676245 from their mobile phone. O2: For German O2 users to receive SMS messages, they must enable this service by text messaging the word "+OPEN" to 6245 from their mobile phone. T-Mobile For German T-Mobile users to receive SMS messages, they must enable this service by text messaging the word "OPEN" to 8000 from their mobile phone. T-Mobile Instructions Vodafone For German Vodafone users to receive SMS messages, they must enable this service by text messaging the word "OPEN" to 3400 from their mobile phone. Guatemala Movistar * India Aircel * Airtel * BPL Mobile Celforce / Fascel * Escotel * GSM Mobile * Hutch * Idea Cellular* RPG Cellular * Skycell / Airtel * Ireland Meteor * Israel Orange * Italy H3G * Vodafone * Ivory Coast * Japan AU by KDDI * Vodafone * Latvia Tele2 * Latvia * Madagascar Orange * Malaysia Celcom * DiGi Telecommunications* Maxis * Mexico Movistar * Nextel Mexico Telcel: For Telcel users to receive messages from Gizmo SMS, they must enable Internet messaging. Netherlands Orange * T-Mobile * New Zealand T-Mobile * Nicaragua Movistar * Norway Telenor * Panama Movistar Peru Movistar * Philippines Globe Telecom * Smart Telecom * Poland Orange * Plus GSM * Portugal Optimus * TM [A broken link]

  2. Free SMS from FreeSMS.net (0/14114) / 0
    Very good service offering free sms worldwide. [A broken link]

  3. Free SMS service from SMS4UU.eu (0/722) / 0
    Free sms worldwide without limitation and no need to register. Among others, following carriers available: Alltel, Comcast, Ameritech, Bellsouth, Boost, Communication Specialists, CellularOne, Cingular, Cook Paging, Edge Wireless, Metro PCS, Corr Wireless Communications, Ap.Airtel, Bsnl.South, Bsnl.North, Bsnl.East, Bsnl.West, Chennai.Airtel/skycell, Bluegrass Cellular, UK-T-mobile, UK-Orange, Australia-vodafone, Australia-Optus, Italy-Vodafone, Italy-Telecom Italia Mobile, Austria-Max.Mobile, Austria-One Connect, Austria-T-Mobile, Hungary-PGSM, Netherland-Orange, Denmark-Tele Danmark Mobile, Denmark-Sonofon, Denmark-Telia, Sweden-Telia Mobitel, Sweden-Comviq GSM, Sweden-Europolitan, Lativia-LMT, Lativia-Tele2, Plus GSM (Poland), Norway-Telenor Mobile, Norway-Netcom GSM, Germany-D1 De TeMobil (Germany), Germany-D2 Mannesmann Mobilefunk, Germany-E-Plus, Germany-DT T-Mobile, Germany-T-Mobile, Japan-Vodafone, France-SFR, Malaysia-Celcom, Tanzania-Mobitel, Portugal-Telecel, Portugal-Optimus, Portugal-TMN, Ukraine-UMC, Ukraine-Kyivstar, Slovenia-Si.Mobile, Slovenia-Mobitel, Czech-Eurotel, Lebanon-Cellis & LibanCell. [A broken link]

  4. Free SMS Text Messages - Text Messaging worldwide (0/786) / 0
    The main attraction to our web site freesmshome.com is the large extensive directory of free sms text messages sites. Free Ringtones You can also download free truetones, Java Games, free mobile theme, sms jokes and mobile phones content to watch on your mobile. [A broken link]

  5. Free SMS text messages to 100 providers online (0/670) / 0
    Send free text messages using Text 4 Free. Send free SMS from the computer. Send free sms to over 100 service providers worldwide. You can send free text messages from this website to almost anywhere in the world. You don't need to send text messages from your phone anymore; do it online! If you're at school or work, this site will allow you to send free sms. Text 4 Free is an absolutely free sms messaging service. How to send free sms? Easy. First, enter the number of the receiving cellphone and select corresponding service provider. You can send free text messages to 10 numbers at once - just click "add another recipient". Then enter the message you would like to send (maximum 140 characters). Enter the amount of text messages you would like to send. If there is more than one recipient, only 1 copy will be sent to each person. Optional: attach a picture, graphic, or audio file with your free sms. Phone must allow picture messages; Verizon, T-Mobile, Cingular, Cricket, US Cellular, and Cincinnati Bell in USA only. After that enter the text in the image you see below into the text box. This is to make sure robots are not sending any messages. Then click "SEND MESSAGE!" and you are there! [A broken link]

  6. Free SMS to 150 mobile carriers worldwide (0/3411) / 0
    (UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE) Good free-sms service include 150 and more mobile operators worldwide. (Attention! The site is in Ukrainian language! So you have to understand cyrillic a bit in order to select your country.) Select country and then select required mobile carrier. You can send free sms to Norway, Austria, Azerbajdjan, Bielorussia, Belgium, UK, Georgia, Estonia, Israel, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Livan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Moldova, Germany, South Africa, Poland, Portugal, Russia, USA, Slovenia, Tanzania, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France, Chezh Republic, Sveden. [A broken link]

  7. Free SMS to almost any country (0/12658) / 0
    Send gratis SMS to 169 mobile operators worldwide. [A broken link]

  8. Free SMS worldwide (0/837) / 0
    SERVICE UNAVAILABLE. Send free SMS text messages worldwide every day. No registration required. [A broken link]

  9. Free SMS Worldwide (0/610) / 0
    smsUP.net allows people to send Free SMS Messages Worldwide. You can send up to 3 messages per day. You can send SMS messages basically everywhere, including India, Pakistan, UK, Australia, Italy and many more. smsUP.net covers almost every country, so start sending SMS today! In order to use the service, just type in your message into the "Message" box below. Next, select the country of the person you'd like to send a message to. Then type in their phone number, make sure you write the code you see in the image and then hit the "Send Message" button. [A broken link]

  10. free--sms.com - Send SMS from your PC! (10 sms free) (0/3058) / 1
    Attention! you get only 10 free sms after registration, next SMS messages are paid. All new members get: free registration, FREE 10 SMS, 1-step SMS sending. WIN UNLIMITED CREDITS BY INVITING YOUR FRIENDS TO SIGN UP. Paid services include: SMS Message Sending to multiple receivers, SMS Message Sending at a specific date and time, periodic SMS Message Sending (every day, week, month, every fifth day of the month etc.) SMS Message Sending to more than 320 Mobile Telecommunication companies, sending of great numbers of SMS messages (for big clients). Ability to change the sender of the SMS messages with your trademark, the name of your company etc. (for big clients). Multiple routing of SMS messages (Multi Gateway Infrastructure). Operational phone book with directories and subdirectories for storing your mobile numbers. Full history of SMS messages that have been sent and very operational administration menu. Multilingual user environment (6 languages) and more. [A broken link]

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